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Unguja Ukuu is the name of the village, for now, a place where Zanzibar’s tourists rarely if ever set foot. Its inhabitants are generally friendly and open, but nonetheless it has an otherness about it. As one of Zanzibar’s most fertile places, its profusion of forest makes it feel like a place where spirits and magic reside. For now the village offers only one hotel.

This very special boat trip starts in Unguja Ukuu village, far off the tourists tracks; with a traditional motorized dhow boat we are heading to the small uninhabited islands, Miwi and Nianembe or Kwale in the protected Menai Bay, where you are shown the unique flora and fauna of Zanzibar’s tropical islands, the boat ride is 45 min from the beach. The Niamembe Island is connected with glooming white sandbank, perfect for relaxation, and the sea around the islands is very good for snorkeling. We pick up a cook from Unguja Ukuu village who arranges a barbecue with fresh caught fish, local dishes and tropical fruits; during low tide you can walk around the Island with our village guide to show you a mystical cave.

You stand some chance of spotting dolphins here – but not guarantee as you can get in the other southern village of Kizimkazi, but if you see them here you will likely be the only people watching, and the dolphins you see will be wild and free of the stresses of being chased by tourist boats (but keep it this way, we urge you not to pursue the dolphins but to let them come close if they choose).

This full day trip is perfect for those who seek privacy and not overcrowded touristic places; the Unguja Ukuu boat trip is a private trip. Its a trip of sun bathing, beach relaxation, swimming and snorkeling, depending on the direction of the wind on the day of the tour, on the way back you might enjoy a dhow sailing, Do not miss this!

The half-day or daytrip includes the:

  • Boat ride
  • Fishing Guide
  • Local fishing gear
  • Fruits and
  • Soft drinks.
  • Mineral Water
  • Travel Permit
  • Government tax and VAT
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