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Bicycle Spice Tour

Spend a day cycling in Zanzibar and it’s hard not to feel like you’ve discovered some kind of secret. With warm wind in your hair, groups of excited children yelling “jambo!” or “howah-yoouu” after you, and the exhilaration of making your own way – it is truly the best way to get to know a place. We cater primarily towards bicycle lovers who want a unique country tour with delicious food, breathtaking views, skilled guides and most importantly inspiring rides. We strive for excellence and our local biking knowledge is extensive. Zanzibar Biking Expeditions will not only take you on the best bike tours, but more importantly, we will show you the authentic lifestyle in Zanzibar!

In Zanzibar you will see many bicycles, as people use their bicycles as an easy and cheap means of transport to be able to move around in the areas where they live and work. As a visitor passing through various villages and seeing the nature just outside of town, you will get a different experience as you have a chance to see more of the surroundings.

The price is per person, and includes the following:

  • Transport
  • Entry Fees
  • Guide Service
  • Mineral Water
  • Travel Permit
  • Government Tax and VAT
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