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Camping and Lodging

You should not be worried having your nights together with lions, elephants, hippos and other animals in the bush as all these animals are used to people in some way and are always friendly unless they are disturbed. If you happen to camp in Serengeti there is no doubt that you will hear animals like lions with high voice sounds but there is no any incident reported about any campers being attacked......the nature becomes real here.

Apart from that you also enjoy the universe full of stars as if there is no space to occupy all of them. You can be able to identify some. Day time in the camp brings more encounters with wildlife.

Basic/Budget Camping

Budget camping involves traveling with all your equipment, your guide and possibly a Chef in same vehicle. Once you arrive at the campsite tents are set up and the chef prepares meals. When you are at the campsite early, you will unpack everything from the safari vehicle including your bags then go for game viewing.

Basic camping involves traveling with all your camping equipment. Camping equipment include tents (Mostly canvas), mattresses, chairs, tables, sleeping bags, and cookery utensils.

Beds are usually mattresses on the floor in tents. Sometimes we bring camping beds depending on clients’ preference but we find it more enjoyable with mattresses on the floor. It’s real an adventure.

Permanent Tented Camp

At permanent tented camps, you find all facilities offered by a normal safari lodge. The only difference is that in here you are in canvas tents which make the sleeping more comfortable. Tents have sleeping room with twin or double bed and shower/toilets from behind the tent.

The light is provided either by solar power or generator. In front of the tent there is a veranda where you can sit and enjoy the nature. The dining and Bar is close to your tent. Most of Permanent Tented Camps are situated in the bush and its not surprising that some are referred as Tented Lodges.

Bateleur Mobile Luxury Camping

On our Luxury Mobile camp you will be served by Bateleur safaris & tours Camping Team. The camp is set well before your arrive by the Camping Team which comprise Chefs, tent staff, waiters and drivers, all there to make sure you trip is hassle free. Tents are equipped with water and light. At night, sundowners around the fire lead to chats about the game viewing and events of the day.

Usually on Bateleur safaris Mobile Luxury Camp it means private camping and no other groups at the camp which make luxury camping safaris one of the most romantic safari options on offer in Tanzania; True adventure safari_ For such a safety, knowledgeable and comfortable safaris.

All tents are made of double roof (waterproof) canvas with openings fitted with zips, large windows improvised with mosquito nets and fly–sheets (verandah and ground) and equipped with beds, folding tables and Chairs. Each tent has independent toilet and hot shower.

Meals are served on the table in a spacious mess tent with large windows. The day begins with a morning breakfast prepared from well selected foods. All meals at the camp are well selected and fresh from the market.

Depending on the schedule, all dinners and breakfast are at the campsite but for lunch it may mean a picnic lunch so you take it on game viewing or opt to go for game viewing and break for lunch at the camp and thereafter proceed for afternoon game viewing.

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